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Hot Pepper Bacon Jam

Tue, 10/09/2018 - 1:28 PM | Ben

You have absolutely, positively, no doubt about it, have to sample Hot Pepper Bacon Jam (HPBJ) on your next visit to a Beef Jerky Outlet store. Hot Pepper Bacon Jam isn’t just a flavor, it’s a whole bundle of flavors rolled into one totally addicting taste bud symphony! Some like it hot! Some like it smoky! Some like it sweet! How about having all on a dipped with a pretzel or spread on a wheat thin cracker? I bet you never thought that total satisfaction would be this simple.

Many Beef Jerky Outlet stores will be sampling this irresistible flavor from October 5-14, so get in on the action. Here’s our mouth-watering product description:

Roasted red pepper puree, jalapeno peppers and real bacon combine to create an addictive jam. For a quick appetizer, pour over cream cheese and serve with crackers. Use straight out of the jar as a dip. Pairs perfectly with strong cheeses. Delicious served with grilled fish and chicken or as a condiment on a sandwich, wrap or Panini.

The possibilities are endless for sandwich, wrap and panini combinations. How about something really adventurous like a Hot Pepper Bacon Jam PB & J sandwich? Take it up a notch with crunchy peanut butter and cracked whole wheat bread. Adding a dash to the side as a condiment for grilled fish or chicken really is a step up from off-the-shelf supermarket sauces.

Hot Pepper Bacon Jam is one of several out-of-this-world condiments available at your local Beef Jerky Outlet store. Flavors include Creamy Horseradish Dip, Hoppin’ Jalapeño Dip, Dill Pickle Mustard, Blueberry Bourbon Pecan Jam, Tropical Tequila Sauce, Hatch Chile Bacon Ranch, Smokey Onion Mustard, Hot Wasabi, Spicy Chipotle, Spicy Mayo and more!



Submitted by Dabbie on Mon, 10/22/2018 - 12:16 PM


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