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Jerky Rewards Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Jerky Rewards?
  • Jerky Rewards is the Beef Jerky Experience's reward program that rewards you for shopping at our stores.  You can collect points on your purchases and then redeem them in the future for discounts on your order.
  • How do I earn Jerky Rewards points?
  • You must first register for the Beef Jerky Experience Jerky Rewards program. You can, then, earn points on any valid purchase, excluding gift cards, shipping & handling fees, and any promotional discounts including redeemed rewards points.  Purchases made in store will immediately add points to your account while rewards for online purchases will apply to your account once the order has shipped.
  • Where can I redeem Jerky Rewards points?
  • Jerky Rewards points can be redeemed at any Beef Jerky Experience location, both in-store and online.
  • How do I register for Jerky Rewards?
  • You can register for Jerky Rewards either in-store or online.  To register in-store, talk to a sales associate and they will be able to assist you.  To register online, visit your user dashboard to sign up. Follow the steps on that page to either link an existing account or register a new account.
  • How do I link my in-store rewards account to an online account?
  • Visit the user dashboard and follow the steps on that page to link an existing account.
  • How do I redeem Jerky Rewards points online?
  • At checkout, you will have the ability to apply your rewards points on your order.
  • How do I redeem Jerky Rewards points in-store?
  • Once you have earned $10 in rewards, the team member will be able to apply any earned rewards to your purchase.