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6971 South 27th St., Franklin, WI, 53132 (MAP)
(414) 304-5992
Store Hours
Mon thru Sat
10am - 6pm
10am - 6pm

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  • Hero SnackPak Donation
  • Prime Rib Traditional Beef Jerky
  • Cherry Maple Smoked Beef Jerky
  • Platinum Gift Box
  • Premium Gift Box
  • Professional Gift Box
  • Personal Gift Box
  • Honey BBQ Smoked Beef Jerky
  • Honey Jalapeño Traditional Beef Jerky
  • Wild Stampede Big Game Combo Box
  • Traditional Beef Jerky Experience Variety Pack
  • Dill Pickle Traditional Beef Jerky
  • Cajun BBQ Smoked Beef Brisket Jerky
  • Teriyaki Smoked Beef Jerky
  • Ultimate Flavor Experience
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  • Crawfish Flavored Traditional Beef Jerky
  • Original Traditional Beef Jerky
  • Original Smoked Beef Jerky
  • Just the Way You Like It “Traditional”
  • Just the Way You Like It “Tender Smoked”
  • Teriyaki Traditional Beef Jerky
  • Ol' Smoky Traditional Beef Jerky
  • Bloody Mary Traditional Beef Jerky
  • Mild Flavor Experience
  • Experience it Hot
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  • Cracked Black Pepper Traditional Beef Jerky
  • Roasted Garlic Traditional Beef Jerky
  • Sweet and Hot Smoked Beef Jerky
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Beef Jerky Outlet - Experience - Franklin Wisconsin

Beef Jerky Outlet - Franklin - Wisconsin - Beef Jerky Store - Beef Jerky Experience

At the Beef Jerky Outlet we are a highly specialized grocery store with food items that have a shelf life greater than 12 months so despite current events we are continuing to provide medical facilities, businesses, and guests with healthy and lean protein foods including portable steak, dried fruits and veggies, pickled items, and seasonings for meals being prepared.

We have expanded our fulfillment hours for online orders and ship everywhere the United States Postal Service goes so areas impacted throughout the world can receive food in a timely fashion that's both nutrient-rich and long-lasting.  We have also expanded our hours to meet the needs of in-store guests and both open early and close late for guests on a regular basis at their request along with available curbside pick up.

Coming to the Milwaukee or Wisconsin area?  Experience the Grand Tour at our store and unleash your inner carnivore!

We invite you and your family, co-workers, and friends to be our guests at The Beef Jerky Outlet - where you can "TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT!"  Come on in and sample from so many flavors and varieties it’ll make your taste buds splatter!

Our store is located at 6971 South 27th Street, please use Rawson Avenue exit 320 for I-94 when traveling north towards Milwaukee from Chicago, Racine, Kenosha, or any of our other wonderful southern neighbors to beautiful Franklin, Wisconsin to then head north/right on 27th Street or College Avenue exit 319 for I-94 to get on 27th Street to go south/left.  If you're traveling south or east towards Chicago from Milwaukee, Madison, Minneapolis, Green Bay, Canada or any of our other great northern or western neighbors please use Rawson Avenue exit 320 for I-94 as well to get on 27th Street to head north/right where you'll see us waving to you on your left immediately after the Oscar's Frozen Custard or take College Avenue exit 319 for I-94 and then head south/left on 27th Street.  It is also possible to take I-94 exit 316 for Layton Avenue to 27th Street and then head south/left where you'll see us waving to you on your right immediately after the GFS - Gordon Food Service.  We are right in the middle of all the portable steak action.  We are in the Riverwood Plaza shopping center right in front of the Lowe's and next to Oscar's Frozen Custard, T-Mobile, Epic Nails, Deadstock, Mo's Barbershop, Wi Vape, Smokin Glass, and immediately next to the Grill Shack.

Our shop has WALL-TO-WALL JERKY… in OVER TWO HUNDRED VARIETIES of portable steak from mild to wild!  Plus we have alligator, kangaroo, ostrich, turkey, salmon and elk just to name a few.  We also have gourmet popcorn, fruits, veggies, a full range of barbecue sauces, rubs, make-your-own jerky kits, hot sauces and sweet treats for all ages.  Please stop in and be our guest on YOUR next visit to the Milwaukee area!

We’ll be looking forward to seeing you to give you the Grand Tour!


Voted Best Jerky Tour in the Milwaukee area, Wisconsin and America!  Find out why and this is what our guests have to say:

"Love this place! The guys are friendly, helpful  and funny. The product is quality, delicious and always a gift that causes excitement. Highly recommended."

-Ann S.

"If you like beef jerky then this place is as close to perfect as you can get. There are so many different types of jerky from the classic to Angus to bacon jerky, turkey jerky, etc. There are different size packs AND there are different flavors of a single type. For example there is a standard and a smoked version or a honey BBC or smoked. There is so much to select from and so many types I had never seen before. In addition to this, they sell a variety of other things such as types of popcorn, nuts, etc. The staff is exceptional. They know their product well, give great descriptions and make pertinent suggestions. Plenty of parking and easy access for handicapped people.  If you are mildly interested in any type of Jerky, this should be your first stop."

-Dave S.

"Excellent... Best jerky you'll find. :)"

-James K.

"Today was our first time stopping in the store because a friend recommended it. We always drive by but have never gone in. What a GREAT store and staff!! So much variety of jerky and free samples before you buy. The store is clean and the staff is very knowledgeable. I would recommended this to anyone who loves beef jerky!!"

-Brian B.

"Wonderful customer service and the jerky is amazing!"

-Kim P.

"Really liked the whole experience. The selection was amazing. The ability to sample everything before you buy was awesome. The guide manning the store knew everything about all of the products, where they were made, the processes, the differences in flavor. He asked a lot of questions and really helped us pick out awesome jerky. It was of course gone the same day. We were fighting over the last piece! Will come back time and time again!!!"

-Mindy B.

"Absolutely excellent service, very wide variety of jerky and popcorn, very satisfied with my visit and the product."

-Simon B.

"This place is awesome! Great staff and you get to try the different flavors of jerky before you buy it and believe me they taste amazing! Would definitely recommend to anyone who likes beef jerky."

Khue K.

"I was just there on Saturday with my nephew, we love this place. Go visit!"

-Elizabeth S.

"I love this place! You can sample all of the different meat that they sell, and the staff really knows their stuff. Give them an idea of what you like, and they make solid recommendations. If you like smoked meat or beef jerky, this is a "must visit"!"

-Christopher T.

"best place ever. like heaven if you like jerky"

-Emily B.

"These folks have it going on!  Amazing beef jerky and outstanding customer service!  I loved the personal tour the staff gave me, which really helps because they have more than 200+ varieties of jerky in something like 16 different species including venison, elk, bison, alligator and kangaroo.  I found my favorites in the Prime Rib and Jamaican Rum as well as the moonshine infused jerkies.  The Amish products they have are top notch too!  I can't mention the great customer service enough because I commonly frequent 5-star hotels and they have nothing on the folks at the Beef Jerky Outlet.  I've spent enough time at the store to see how they treat every guest who comes through their door and it's great to see how everyone is treated with the utmost respect, appreciation and personal attention throughout their personal tour."

-Steve J.

"Love this place! You can try all the jerkies, popcorns, dried fruits and veggies you want so you always find what you like! These folks make portable steak and it is delicious!"

-Tang Y.

"This place is amazing, so many types of jerky and meats to pick from, and they're all delicious"

-Alex P.

"So happy to run across your show this weekend. I am spreading the word about the great products and the sampling of jerky. Thanks for the great customer service and tasty jerky and popcorn"

-Jen T.

"Anyone who is a fan of beef jerky MUST go to the Beef Jerky Outlet Store. The variety and quality are hands down better than any I've ever had!"

-Eura B.

"Yesterday was my first time there. Our salesman was very friendly and very knowledgable. He made us laugh and suggested different types of jerky to try based on our taste preferences. I think in the end we tried almost everything. Excellent store ! We left with quite a bit of stuff plus an amazing t shirt :-) great salesmanship. Great food!! Will definitely come back when we are in the area !!"

-Amanda B.

"This place is great, you can sample everything!! I loved it"

-Adam R.

"I ordered snack sticks online and had them delivered to my house. Absolutely delicious product! I bought regular flavor and teriyaki and both were wonderful. Will buy again, for sure."

-Judith H.

"Amazingchoices. Friendly staff and they let you sample everything you want."

-Tanya R.

"Super duper place for all jerky/meat lovers! Great staff with great products! Gotta try the gator sauce! It's my favorite!"

-Phat-Al V.

"They have an awesome selection of different meats, sauces, and jams. They let you try as many samples as you want. The sales staff is super friendly."

-Katie F.

"Huge selection, with a friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff. Will definitely be back!"

-Dan C.

"Absolutely fantastic.  Everything about this shop, really.  The jerky "curators," as I liked to call them, were almost unnecessarily knowledgeable, and SO helpful!  Normally when I want good jerky I have to have my dad bring some from Held's on his way back south from Appleton, but I will definitely be frequenting this place.  They have a lot more than just jerky, as well.  Gourmet popcorns, hot sauces and mustards, artisanal flavored honey sticks, t-shirts, and a lot more that I didn't even get time to look at! And last but certainly not least, they support their customers' second amendment rights.  Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!"

-Samantha W.

"Awesome selection of jerkies, popcorn, dried fruits, and sauces."

-Mike T.

"This place is great. If you don't like Beef Jerky, why would you visit this place? The service here is awesome. Like another reviewer stated, they give you a sample of anything you like. I tend to stick to the basic flavors of beef jerky but I will say - check out the prime rib jerky, it changed my life! I feel like Beef Jerky makes a good Birthday or Christmas gift, stop here to get your family hooked up. Hopefully, my family doesn't read this so it spoils what they are getting in 2018 :-)"

-Shawn R.

"Great service and you get to sample everything before you buy. I now have a $30/week jerky addiction and I'm 100% ok with it."

-Sean P.

"Awesome!!! I placed an online order and there was a snafu with USPS. David went above and beyond to ensure that I received it in a timely manner because it was a gift. Couldn't be happier with all his communication and dedication! Thank you David! You rock"

-Tiffany L.

"Great experience. You get to try samples of whatever jerky you want. The employees are super friendly and they show you around like a tour guide. I liked the experience so much my friends and I bought a lot of jerky. All very delicious."

-Bill P.

"I won a gift certificate at Irish Fest and went to the store today. Amazing flavors, huge variety, quality product. Highly recommend this place!!"

-Anne W.

"Great jerky and awesome customer service! I personally love the Fire and Prime Rib Beef Jerky. Also give the Applewood Smoked Bacon Jerky a try, that can never go wrong!"

-Matthew B.

"This is an awesome shop! If you love Jerky you need to try this place. The staff is friendly and you can get samples of all the different jerky. There are also all kinds of specialty treats including jams, candy, spices and hot sauce. This is my favorite place to get the best tasting jerky."

-Kelly T.

"Definitely the best beef jerky around!  I love how the staff let you try it out so you always know what you're getting and that you actually enjoy it.  I'm a big health nut and love to exercise too so I love that the jerky is super low fat, low sodium, low sugar, all natural ingredients and no MSG.  Most granola bars have a much worse nutritional composition than the jerky I've picked up here.  This is where I'll be getting all my snacks and provisions from now on!  My family and friends will also be pleasantly surprised by the gift cards, beef boxes, and gifts I've picked up for them, I can hardly wait to see the looks on their faces!"

-Dougs M.

"The best roadtrip snacks! We love the Gummy bears, turtle kettle corn, & Honey BBQ Jerky!"

-Wendy K

"I wasn't sure what to expect when I walked in... It isn't just different kinds of beef jerky on a shelf. When you walk in you get staff instantly helping you sample the different kinds of glorious meat this place offers. It WAS AWESOME! I would recommend this place to any jerky lover."

-Tyler Z.

"They opened the door when they saw us coming, no pressure sales, super informative, and gave us samples ofnthe jerky we were intetested in the rubs. What a great find!!"

-Virginia B.

"Awesome beef jerky, will be coming back for sure. Especially glad to see there is no MSG in the ingredients."

-Ben V.

"Awesome place great selection and awesome customer service. I'm addicted"

-Jessica C.

"Awesome store filled with LOTS of different types and flavors of jerky. Staff was very friendly and knowledgable. Will definitely be going back again!"

-Jon E.

"First time there! Loved the variety of items! Not just beef jerky, they have jams, bbq sauce and a variety of some interesting flavors of butter! Excited to stop in again and try new things!"

-Jaimie H.

"Great tasting beef jerky with lots of fun flavors! Great customer service."

-Emily L.

"Awesome clean location with awesome people, Love trying before buying!"

-Crystal-Tub V.


"Service was impeccable. perfect first trip."

-Daniel J.


"Great selection of Jerky.  Friendly and knowledgeable staff.  You can also sample flavors."

-Paul M.


"Great service. Sane prices. Excellent products."

-Shaun W.


"Outstanding service. Great fresh products, reasonable prices."

-Dominick M.


"Our first trip to this place since it opened and we decided to finally stop in and check it out. This place was awesome! Huge selection of both Beef and Turkey Jerky which was awesome because we like the Turkey Jerky. They had Honey BBQ flavors, Cherry Maple, Peppercorn amongst many other flavors. The guy there was super nice and let us try samples of what we wanted before we purchased. They also have a huge selection of BBQ sauces, hot sauces, jellies, jams and cheeses all made by the Amish.

The greatest part however, was the Wild Game jerky they had for purchase. They had everything from ostrich and bison to alligator and kangaroo jerky. They also have a selection of chocolates and popcorn as well. If you live in the area you really need to check this place out. Great selection, very friendly guy that works there and super affordable prices.

We will def be back soon!"

-Tom D.


"I never liked beef jerky before I went here. This is beef jerky heaven. This is the place where you get addicted to beef jerky. They got every kind of beef jerky u can think of. Awesome place. The owner is a very nice guy."

-John T.


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Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise welcomes prospective new franchisees to explore our business model at Discovery Days. The Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise, which is a unique national franchise specializing in all kinds of beef jerky from Original to Ghost Pepper and over 100 other sizes & varieties.

Next Discovery Day:  Spring 2022

Contact: Bill Szlachta at

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Types of Beef Jerky

Here at Beef Jerky Experience, we have a wide variety of beef jerky flavors and styles. If you have ever wondered about the difference between our jerky styles, look no further! We are going to dive into some of our most popular jerkies!