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Thu, 08/16/2018 - 10:23 AM | Ben

Well, here you are on the Beef Jerky Outlet e-commerce website, surfing your way through a seemly endless selection of delicious beef, turkey and wild game jerky. Not to mention the almost limitless selection of unique snack foods from flavored peanuts to candy crickets. The creative and beautiful photos of the jerky products seem to jump right off the page! Have you ever stopped to think how we got here? 

We live in an age of extraordinary technical achievements, that we all know. But it has happened so fast, and has been normalized so quickly, that we tend to take it for granted. Cell phones date back to the early 70’s, became available for select users in the 80’s and entered general use in the 90’s. Now, even toddlers seem to pack a smart phone.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989. That’s 1989, not 1889 or 1789; barely two fourteen-year-olds ago! Originally invented as a portal for exchanging scientific data, the Web is now a primary means of communication for 4-billion earthlings! And now you have direct online access to the finest selection of 100 varieties of jerky ever available from one emporium. Mind boggling, is it not?

Let’s take all this one step further. August 18, 1872 is the date that Montgomery Ward sent out their first mail order catalog. By 1896 Sears and Roebuck was publishing a competing general merchandise catalog that revolutionized life in an America that was over half rural until 1920. The Sears Catalog was like surfing the Web for several generations of Americans. Working with the U. S. Postal Service, these two major mail order catalogs were the equivalent to the modern online retail giants.

Then in rapid succession came Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone, Thomas Edison’s light bulb, the Wright Brother's airplane and Henry Ford’s Model T. Suddenly we had become Urbanized; wired, lit-up and behind the wheel. This author’s own grandfather was born in a small village in a far-away country with no electricity, no automobiles and no indoor plumbing. A few years after arriving in the USA, he had all of this and more. Only in America!