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Thu, 06/21/2018 - 9:34 AM | Ben

The calendar keeps filling up with National “Do This or That Days;” all apparently designated for folks with lot of time on their hands. Not content with just having celebrated Father’s Day, Pet Sitters International founded the USA version of National Take Your Dog to Work Dayin 1999. The holiday is celebrated on the first Friday after Father’s Day. On first reaction, such a celebration would seem to be an entirely frivolous event, founded for no particular reason. Not so fast.

Pet Sitters International(PSI) is in fact a professional organization that trains and certifies temporary pet caregivers. Many pet owners, especially the very well-healed, are fussy about leaving their pooches with just anybody. The demand for competent pet sitters led to the creation of a professional organization that has branched out into other concerns, including humane treatment and adoption.

Take Your Dog to Work Dayis intended to celebrate dogs in general and promote pet adoptions. Pet Sitters Internationaloffers a free toolkit to make the holiday a success that conforms to the work environment. The free toolkit includes information on planning your event, winning over your boss, “dogs at work” policy, a customizable press release and free promotional and event materials. If you want to learn more, contact Pet Sitters Internationalat

There is always another side to every story. What about the dogs that go to work every day? The American Working Dog Associationis dedicated to the training, certification and care of patrol, search and rescue (SAR) and detection dogs. These are the dogs that work directly with first responders on patrol, in the airports and at the border. When you add in the service dogs trained to assist people with disabilities, you realize that there is a whole world of “lunch bucket” dogs that just come in every day and do their jobs. Find out more at

One thing is certain, all these dogs at work and working dogs deserve a treat. And nothing could be better than genuine PETA Treats from Beef Jerky Outlet. PETA Treats are pooch-proven snacks of whole muscle pork that are appreciated by working dogs and lazy dogs alike. If your employer is hosting a National Take Your Dog to Work Day, make sure to stock up on PETA Treats. Visit your local Beef Jerky Outlet store in person or online and PETA Treat your significant pooch.