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Mom Loves Beef Jerky!

Fri, 05/11/2018 - 10:54 AM | Ben

Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday, May 13. Sons, daughters and dads are out there trying to round up the usual gifts:  a dozen red roses, perfume, day spa gift cards, a new Kitchen Aid attachment, or some such implement. Mom will accept the offerings with a good-natured smile. Then she will put the roses in a vase, maybe splash on a little perfume, call the day spa to schedule a manicure, and look up a new pancake batter recipe to try out the updated Kitchen Aid mixer. The one she got for Mother’s Day ten years ago. The smile will be on her face, but her heart won’t with it.

Don’t you think this is getting a little bit stale, just the same-old, same-old? Most Mother’s Day gifts are a tiresome cliché of things that Mom is supposed to want. Supposed by whom? Father’s Day is even worse: weed whackers, tools kits and a Home Depot gift cards. Gift givers need to find another way to express their true love and affection for mom and dad.

Sure, you could go way upscale. Mom would love a genuine pearl necklace and dad would be thrilled with a new Rolex. The problem is that they know your salary and will suspect the gifts are courtesy of VISA or American Express. There is always something artificial, even insincere, about going over the top. Especially if you are still living in the basement. How about this:  mom, we all got together and added $75,000 to your term life policy. Some things, you just can’t do!

This year, let’s keep it simple and sincere. Mom will certainly appreciate flowers and a day spa gift card. But let’s take it up notch without breaking the bank. At Beef Jerky Outlet, we know that mom loves beef jerky . . .  and turkey jerky, and sausage sticks, and flavored popcorn, and many more flavorful snacks from our bill of fare. We see it every day at our stores; moms coming in to buy jerky and tasty snacks for themselves and their loved ones.

Now you can return the love with a Beef Jerky Outlet gift package. Choose a gift with a comfortable price point and add a selection of SnackPak or SharePak favorite jerky flavors. Based on long experience, mom will be thrilled with Cherry Maple or Honey BBQ Turkey jerky. Go for it! Buy enough and she might even share some with the family. There are now over 100 Beef Jerky Outlet stores nationwide and all have a gorgeous new website. Step out or jump online and get mom what she really wants: beef or turkey jerky from the Beef Jerky Outlet!