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Mon, 07/02/2018 - 8:37 AM | Ben

The Fourth of July is that special day of the year when we celebrate our Freedom of Choice. This year July 4 falls on a Wednesday, and that makes it really special. When Independence Day is on the weekend, the boss grudgingly grants a Friday or a Monday off.

The tables are turned when the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence falls in the middle of the week. In that case, the boss can’t expect anyone back to work until the following Monday! Now that’s an extra-longweekend! Remember the words of that Great American, Johnny Paycheck!

On the serious side, the Fourth of July celebrates our American-made Freedom of Choice. Americans like to make their own decisions, and this is proven by the fact that the economy is driven by small businesses managed by individual entrepreneurs. Well over 50 percent of the workforce is employed by small business, and 95 percent of those businesses have fewer than 10 employees.

Beef Jerky Outlet stores are all locally owned small businesses selling premium American-made products. Many of the stores are owner operated, some have store managers; all the stores hire their Teammates from the local community. One thing for certain sure, Beef Jerky Outlet stores have become part of the fabric of the local community wherever they are situated. Beef Jerky Outlet store owners declared independence the day they opened their doors.

Beef Jerky Outlet invites you to come and Celebrate the Fourth of July at your local store. We are so proud to be a small business offering American-made products! We can’t wait to share them with you! That’s why we offer FREE SAMPLES every day. This year we are celebrating the debut of a classic American flavor. Chili Cheese Snack Sticks will be featured and sampled in most participating Beef Jerky Outlet stores.  Anyone who has lived the American Dream eating Chili Cheese fries will flip for this exciting new flavor.

Get on out to the Beef Jerky Outlet, your all-American provisioner of over 100 varieties of jerky and snacks. The extra-longFourth of July weekend starts on Wednesday and runs until whenever you feel like going back to work. Do what you like, and like what you do; and whatever you do, stop by the Beef Jerk Outlet for the Fourth of July.

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Each store is locally owned and operated.

To start shopping, enter your zip code:

Each store is locally owned and operated.