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National Youth Day at Beef Jerky Outlet

Fri, 01/11/2019 - 11:53 AM | Ben

The celebration of National Youth Day is marked on many calendars as January 12. Many countries around the world designate a special day to celebrate young people, so the actual date may vary. In the United States, we don’t have an official holiday to celebrate the youth of our nation, so January 12 is a good start.

That date was originally selected by the Republic of India, America’s largest sister democracy, in order to mark the birth of a famous leader of national independence. January 12 is a very big holiday in India that celebrates the education, talents and dreams of the countries youth. We should do the same.

In the USA we do not have a formal program or agenda for celebrating our youth on a designated holiday, so what can we do to start? First, we should realize that we are already doing many things in our schools through educational programs, sports and cultural activities. This is all woven into the fabric of our society, so sometimes we fail to take it into account. Sort like never telling the people closest to us that we love them, because we assume they know it.

So, let’s take some time this January 12 to let the young people in our lives know how much we appreciate them. Before you know, those teens and pre-teens will be finishing college or vocational school and the opportunity to celebrate youth will be gone. Perhaps the best way to celebrate National Youth Day is to plan a day trip to an inspirational venue like the Smithsonian or National Aerospace Museum. Better yet, ask the kids what they would like to do and make it a family outing.

One thing we know for certain, is that if you include a visit to your local Beef Jerky Outlet store, the young folks will be all in! We are one venue where the youngins’ are more than welcome. This coming weekend is a good time to break the wintertime blues and head out to a fun destination with the family. Before you leave, make sure to plot your local Beef Jerky Outlet store on Google or GPS and drop in. Celebrate!