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Fri, 06/08/2018 - 11:32 AM | Ben

National Jerky Day will be observed this coming Tuesday, June 12. Jerky lovers from around the USA are starting to take notice of the holiday and celebrate by, what else, eating more jerky.  The holiday was originally suggested a few years back by one of the major jerky manufacturers. The revenues for the jerky industry have steadily increased in each of the years since the first National Jerky Day, according to industry research giant IBISWorld.

Many new players in the field have greatly expanded the popularity of this traditional meat snack. Innovative new flavors and a small-batch, artisanal approach have accelerated market expansion, according to IBISWorld. For this reason, the jerky market will continue to expand for the immediate future, as least through 2022.

The outstanding industry leader for product innovation and imaginative marketing is undoubtedly the Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise. In the brief five years that National Jerky Day has been observed, Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise has grown from just a few company stores to well over 100 independently operated retail outlets. With over 100 varieties, the popularity of the Beef Jerky Outlet concept has grown to truly national proportions.

As the industry leader, Beef Jerky Outlet sets the pace for the introduction of new flavors and new product selections. In addition to the expected popular flavors, Beef Jerky Outlet has recently rolled out Prime Rib Beef Jerky, Korean BBQ Pork, Savory Pot Roast, Green Chile Beef and Applewood Smoked Bacon Jerky. And the new varieties just keep coming! The Smokehouse Masters at Beef Jerky Outlet are working on awesome new flavors that will tingle the taste buds all jerky aficionados.

New flavor variations are only one dimension of the Beef Jerky Outlet’s innovative approach to marketing. Each independent retailer has a dedicated online ecommerce store. The current National Jerky Day and Father’s Day promotions feature combination packages made for dad and are also great for business-to-business (B2B) gifting. The new combo packages feature popular jerky flavors, jerky sticks, flavored popcorn and more. Four gift packages are currently available at convenient price points:  Personal, Professional, Premium and Platinum.

Dad will love one of these gift packages, plus a few selected packs of jerky and sticks. Visit your local store or go online to take advantage of the Beef Jerky Outlet 20% off sitewide online discount in effect from June 1 thru 17 (use code:  dad20). This is an excellent opportunity to take care of dad and celebrate National Jerky Day. When visiting your local store online, don’t forget to enter the Win a Weber Grill contest. Beef Jerky Outlet has your back!