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Fri, 07/20/2018 - 1:26 PM | Ben

Beef Jerky Outlets are widely known as family friendly stores. We are the cool place with all the FREE SAMPLES of beef jerky and countless other treats that drive the little (and big) ones crazy. A visit to your local Beef Jerky Outlet makes for a great Family Friendly Event on a summer afternoon.

Every day is like an Open House at a Beef Jerky Outlet store. We are always so pleased when we see the whole family get out of the car or SUV and roll into the store. Mom, Dad, and a gaggle of little ones who may never have previously visited a store.

Dad knows the store floorplan, so he heads over to his favorite Flavor Zone to pick up a couple SnackPaks of Prime Rib Beef Jerky. Mom and the little ones are newcomers, so a friendly BJO Teammates guides them around the meat snack and sweet treat wonderland. Mom goes for the Cherry Maple Turkey Jerky, and kids go for just about anything, even the candy crickets!

Most fun to watch, are the Big Kids, you know ten to fourteeners, who have been to the store a bunch of times with Dad and also know the floor plan. They systematically work their way through the Flavor Zones, taking full advantage of the FREE SAMPLE policy, until they finally make their selections and get the OK from Mom and Dad.

Beef Jerky Outlets are now more family friendly than ever! We have a whole new product line of gifting packages at various price points that are perfect for holiday, birthday or anniversary gifts. Of course, you can always make up custom gift combos to your price point and taste. There’s no limit other than your imagination. A BJO Teammate will always be available to help.

Another new feature at your Beef Jerky Outlet store is a Fundraiser Program. The new program is specially designed to appeal to schools, sports leagues and community organizations that are founded on family participation. Fundraisers are more than a means of raising money for good purposes; the act of participating brings families and friends together and strengthens community bonds. Ask a BJO Teammate about our Fundraising Program on your next store visit.

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To start shopping, enter your zip code:

Each store is locally owned and operated.