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Mon, 08/13/2018 - 9:57 AM | Ben

Summertime is Traveling Time! Early to mid-August is that special season we know as “high summer.” This is the time of year when we take to the road to visit new destinations or return to favorite old venues. Beef Jerky Outlet stores have a special niche in road trip and vacation planning. Many stores are pure tourist destinations, and hungry road trippers arrive in vacation mode looking for fun snacks like beef jerky. Other stores are the starting point for a weekend getaway, where folks stock up on snacks for the road.

Gas prices are up a bit, but not too much. Folks have a few more dollars in their pocket from the recent tax cuts, making them more likely to travel or plan a local road trip. They have a little more disposable income en route and when they reach their destination. Beef Jerky Outlet stores are definitely seeing an uptick in visitor traffic, with lots of new customers dropping in at all store locations. This time of year, the Beef Jerky Outlet stores at tourist venues are really hopping!

Of course, not every road trip is 1,000 miles. And even a journey of 1,000 miles starts with the first step. There are now over 100 Beef Jerky Outlet stores around the country! It sure is getting easier to find a local retailer on your summer adventure. Many jerky lovers drop in to their neighborhood stores before taking off on local day trips.

Now, a real jerky lover might plan a road trip around visiting all the Beef Jerky Outlet stores in a certain area. For example, visitors traveling through the Carolinas and the two Virginias will never have to worry about running out of beef, turkey or wild game jerky. There will always be a BJO store just up ahead. Tennessee? Not to worry! We have a whole cluster of stores on the way to Gatlinburg and Dollywood!

Traveling to the East Coast? We’re in Maryland, Delaware, New Jerky, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. Headed for the wild Northeast? We have you covered in New York state. Florida beachcombers are going to be happy as clams in high water when they discover all the stores in the panhandle and the peninsula. If you’re heading over to the Lone Star state, you’ll find Beef Jerky Outlet stores on the way in Louisiana and Mississippi. Once in Texas, you are into a whole new universe of jerky delight. Texas is a BIG STATE, but there always seems to be a Beef Jerky Outlet store at end of the trail.

Put the pedal to metal and road trip out to the mountains in Colorado, where you’ll find several Beef Jerky Outlet stores. Hey, you, high roller, we’re in Las Vegas! Not to be left out, we humble middle Americans can find stores in Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Wow! A Beef Jerky Outlet summer road trip starts to sound like that old Johnny Cash favorite, “I’ve Been Everywhere, Man.

A visit to your local Beef Jerky Outlet is a road trip in itself, with a FREE SAMPLE tasting journey through over 100 varieties of jerky and dozens of other tasty snack foods. All you need do is drop in at a Beef Jerky Outlet and take a tour around the flavor stations. Now that might be the best “road trip” you could take this summer!

A Beef Jerky Outlet sampling tour will allow you to taste test outstanding traditional jerky flavors like Prime Rib, Teriyaki, Honey Jalapeno and more. Smoked Jerky flavors include Cherry Maple Beef or Turkey, Cajun BBQ Beef Brisket, Honey BBQ and The Reaper Beef Jerky. Add in the complete selection of wild game jerky, candy, popcorn, cheese and novelty tee shirts, and you have a fun family “road trip” right around the corner.

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To start shopping, enter your zip code:

Each store is locally owned and operated.